jueves, 21 de mayo de 2015


This summer Marta, Martina and I we are going to travel a lot around the world.
We are very excited about this journey because we never go out from Spain. We are going to be travelling 80 days.
First we want to take a bus and go to France only for two days, then we take a traind and we are going to go  to Berlín to watch the final of champions league and we are going to stay there for 5 days and go sightseeing. Then we are going  for  one week to Switzerland and there we want to visit the Nestle fabric haha.
After  Switzerland we are going to Amsterdam for another one week, there we are going to go to a concert of our favourite singer.
Then we want to go to some beach and we decided to go to Honolulu in Hawaii for three weeks in a very relaxing hotel. After those three weeks we will go to Brasil and in Brasil we are going to a very beautiful and exciting festival, there we are going to stay one week. And at the end we are going to visit California for a month.
Then we will come back to home and we are going to sleep a lot we will be very tired haha.Resultado de imagen de franciaResultado de imagen de berlín final de la championsResultado de imagen de suizaResultado de imagen de suiza fábrica de nestle
Resultado de imagen de coffeeshop amsterdamResultado de imagen de amsterdamResultado de imagen de honoluluResultado de imagen de honolulu hawaiiResultado de imagen de brasilResultado de imagen de brasil carnavalResultado de imagen de californiaResultado de imagen de california